10+ Virtual Assistant Jobs – No Experience Required!

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Working from home on your own schedule sounds like a dream to most people. But it can also sound unattainable. I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly possible, and I’ve done it! I started working as a virtual assistant with no experience as a 19-year-old college student. I have since built my freelance career into an agency. Let’s go over 11 different virtual assistant jobs that don’t require experience.

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Importance of Practice & a Portfolio

These jobs don’t require experience, but it’s a good idea to practice these skills on yourself, your friends, or your family. Eventually, it’s also important to create a portfolio of services you offer, examples of before & after, or testimonials from past projects. 

You can get these testimonials as a virtual assistant from friends and family or offer your services for free in exchange for a testimonial. I usually don’t recommend offering any service for free (you deserve to be paid for your work!), but offering them for free in exchange for a testimonial is a strategy to get reviews fast.

Having a portfolio isn’t necessary to start working as a virtual assistant. Practice isn’t required either, but it sure doesn’t hurt! You can also do any of these jobs as a part-time virtual assistant.

Who Hires Virtual Assistants?

Many people hire virtual assistants. Most are small and medium-sized business owners. But heads of large companies may also hire a virtual assistant to help them with day-to-day tasks. It’s important to understand who you want to work for as a virtual assistant. This process is usually called “niching down.”

Decide who you want to work with. These people could be coaches, influencers, real estate agents, photographers, or other virtual assistants (typically called subcontracting); the options are limitless! And the great thing about niching is you can always change it later! However, this process is meant to help you find clients fast and help brand your business. Nicheing isn’t necessary to start work as a virtual assistant, but it does help.

Data Entry

Data entry is a great and popular virtual assistant job that doesn’t require experience. As a data entry virtual assistant, you will do different organizational and administrative tasks like entering data into spreadsheets from paper documents, forms, or other electronic files. You may review collected data to ensure no errors, inconsistencies, or missing information. Organizing data by creating folders, labels, or tags is another common data entry task.

Data entry may be repetitive, but it is a great entry-level virtual assistant job that anyone can do! Most business owners will outsource this task to anyone who is detail-oriented and willing to learn. Because data entry is an easy-to-learn task, you don’t need experience for this virtual assistant job.

If you want to practice, try creating a detailed Excel sheet for a friend or family member in any subject or category. But again, this isn’t necessary to get a virtual assistant job.

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Email Communication

Some people (primarily product-based business owners) hire virtual assistants because they need someone to respond to their emails. Email communication is usually customer service based and doesn’t require any experience. However, this may require you to learn fast and be a bit tech-savvy because working with e-commerce software to fix issues with customers is common.

But other business owners hire a virtual assistant to execute email communication that doesn’t involve customer service. Sometimes coaches will have their virtual assistant manage PR email communication. Other times, you may communicate with their team to manage your client’s schedule. It all depends on the situation and the client’s needs!

No experience is required for this job, but it may help if you are friendly, patient, and have any past work experience in customer service.

Phone Calls

Phone communication is another typical job that any virtual assistant can do without experience. The reasoning behind making phone calls depends on the client and the situation. Still, you may be hired to call for travel arrangements, sales cold-calling, customer service, and any other daily phone communication that your client wishes to outsource.

While this doesn’t require experience, it does require a quiet room or environment, patience, and friendliness.

Email Management

A step up from email communication is email management. This job is prevalent with business owners who are extremely busy or get hundreds of emails daily. They can easily get overwhelmed with their inbox and tend to lose their emails, so they hire a virtual assistant to manage and create labels, filters, and unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.

While this job doesn’t require experience, you may want to practice a bit on your email account(s) or a family or friend’s account. This way, you can make as many mistakes as possible before offering this as a paid service.

Sending Thank-You Notes & Gifts

Sending gifts and thank you notes is another typical virtual assistant job that doesn’t require experience. This task is common for influencers, real estate agents, podcasters, and coaches when they send small gifts and thank-you notes to guests or clients. Even though this is a small task for the business owner, it can take a significant amount of time.

To do this job, you must learn fast, are a bit tech-savvy (to handle any software your client uses to send these gifts and notes), and are friendly!

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Travel Arrangements

Sometimes a business owner will need to travel very often, and arranging their own travel several times a month can get tedious. So, they outsource this task to someone else so they can focus on other functions within their business. You will find and book transportation, flights, itineraries, and possibly events. It’s quite simple, but you need to be able to pay attention to detail.

If you want to practice this job, try creating an itinerary for a friend or a family trip!

Event Planning

Event planning can be similar to travel arrangements, as you will need to book transportation and possibly flights for your client. But you will likely have to work with others who want to attend or be a part of the event. Depending on the client and circumstances, you may plan small local events of 10-50 people or larger events of 50+ attendees. 

Although this job doesn’t require experience, a quiet atmosphere is most likely encouraged, and being comfortable talking on the phone to others as well. Plan a local event for your family and friends if you want to practice! Make sure you get reviews from those who attend as well.

Booking Appointments

Extremely busy business owners sometimes hire virtual assistants to book appointments for them. These appointments can be PR related, like podcasts or interviews, customer service or administrative-related, like setting meetings with clients or other team members, or even personal arrangements, like doctors and dentist appointments.

Booking appointments as a virtual assistant doesn’t require experience, but make sure you’re comfortable talking on the phone and possibly Zoom (depending on the appointment type). 


Researching is a typical virtual assistant job that doesn’t need experience. You may be tasked with researching better systems your client can use in their business to optimize processes. You may conduct market research by asking industry questions in Facebook groups and local networking events. You may even just conduct typical Google research that your client doesn’t have time to do themselves.

If you learn fast and can create conclusions based on the information given to you, then this is a great virtual assistant job for you!

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Administrative Organization

Many backend administrative tasks go on within a business, and it can be overwhelming to a business owner. So, they hire a virtual assistant to help them organize and implement administrative tasks. These tasks can be setting and creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for when they hire more team members and want to create consistency within their business. Other tasks can also be managing contracts, invoices, implementing new software, and continually researching the best software for all your client’s missions.

This job doesn’t require experience but requires you to learn fast and be a bit tech-savvy!


Onboarding new clients and team members is another great virtual assistant job that doesn’t require experience. Informing new clients and team members about the systems and typical schedule of your client’s business can be time-consuming, so this is an often outsourced task to virtual assistants. You must be comfortable meeting over Zoom and know enough about your client’s business to answer any questions during the session.

This job requires you to learn fast, be detail-oriented, be a great communicator, and be tech-savvy. 


There are many virtual assistant jobs that don’t require experience that you can start offering today! If you’re seriously considering becoming a virtual assistant, check out this free VA checklist to help you kickstart your journey. If you need some side hustle ideas, check out this free list of over 100 side hustle platforms to sign up for!

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