60+ Side Hustles For Women!

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Need some extra money for a vacation, bills, or to add a bit into savings? Side hustles are a great strategy to do that. But unfortunately, it could be unsafe for women to be involved with side hustles like ridesharing. So, here are 61 side hustles that are perfect for women, some of which I have personally done and loved!

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Selling Digital Products

Digital products are a great way to create some passive income. Digital products are also perfect for anyone who has a talent for organizing. Excel sheets or has an artistic ability. If you are a skilled Excel or Google Sheets creator, put together a budgeting or planner template as a digital product.

If you love art, you can create and sell digital art downloads, wallpapers, or book covers! The ideas are limitless. Here are six different ways for you to start your side hustle selling digital products:




Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


Creative Market

You can sign up for many different platforms and sell the same digital product, but look into any fees these platforms have! Each one is a bit different. Work on this side hustle whenever it best fits into your schedule.


If you have too many clothes, household items, or even furniture, consider reselling it on a second-hand reselling platform. Reselling is excellent for the environment by extending the life of your items and can give you a few extra hundred dollars a month! Here are seven reselling side hustles that I recommend you sign up for:



Facebook Marketplace





There are many differences between the reselling platforms, so it’s best to research each platform, their rates, and their fees. Some require you to pay shipping, while others include it in the pricing. I personally love and regularly use Poshmark!


If you have a degree in a core subject and love to teach, becoming a tutor is a great and lucrative side hustle for women. You can set your own hours and rates and meet amazing people along the way! Join these platforms for your tutoring side hustle.








Varsity Tutors



Be aware that there are fees with most of these platforms. If you want to become a tutor but want to keep your hard-earned money, you can market yourself. Join local Facebook groups, talk to your local library, and tell your family and friends about your side hustle.

side hustles for women, best side hustles for women, side hustles, the best side hustles for women

Animal Care

If you love animals, there are many side hustles that you can sign up for to make money walking and caring for your community’s pets! If you’re free in the morning or evening, get your steps in while making a few hundred dollars a month by walking and caring for dogs, cats, or even birds! Here are five different animal care platforms you can join.






While you can make, on average, $15/hour with this side hustle, you will have to meet with strangers. So, research your potential client, be observant, and trust your gut! It’s incredibly sad that women’s safety is even a discussion. Be safe!

Renting Services

If you have items you don’t want to sell but do not necessarily serve a purpose, consider renting them out to your community or people visiting your local area. These items can be anything from extra baby products to a driveway, a parking space, or even a car! Check out these platforms to passively make an income.









Like animal care, you will most likely have to meet up with strangers, so the same rules apply. Be observant and trust your gut! Renting out items and space is a great way to make money passively, so check out those resources.

Rebate Apps

Signing up for rebate apps is perfect for keeping as much of your money in your bank account. These apps will give you a gift card for taking pictures of receipts, products in stores around you and give you cashback on gas! Rebate apps are one of the best side hustles for women. Here are five rebate apps you should consider signing up for:


Fetch Rewards




These apps won’t make you rich, but it’s great knowing that you may get a few dollars back on something you were going to purchase anyway! Plus, who doesn’t love saving money?

side hustles for women, best side hustles for women, side hustles, the best side hustles for women


If you have some extra time on your hands, try taking surveys! Like the rebate apps, these won’t make you rich, but they will add a few extra dollars to your pocket. Multitask and take surveys on a break at work or just when you’re watching a good Netflix show. Here are some great survey platforms to sign up for:


Survey Junkie


These are the best to do while multitasking. Focus your time and energy on a different side hustle that will give you more bang for your buck! That said, it’s still worth checking it out and seeing if they work for you.

Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting is another great side hustle for women because you can choose your own hours, rates, and who you work with. Work with influencers, coaches, photographers, real estate agents; you name it! Help business owners stay organized with the day-to-day administrative tasks in a business. Here are some great platforms to help you find clients:





Virtual Staffing


Virtual assisting was the first side hustle that I turned into my full-time job! I’ve met so many amazing people, traveled for client events, and been able to work around events that matter to me. If you want to become a virtual assistant, check out this free VA checklist to help you get started! 

Freelance Writing

Like virtual assisting, you can set your own rates and hours as a freelance writer. You don’t need a degree, but a portfolio is always encouraged. Submit guest posts for blogs to build up your portfolio! You can also check out these platforms to find paying writing jobs:

Writers Work






Freelance writing is particularly great if you like to work in the early morning or late at night because you don’t usually need to talk with clients except for content planning and the final deliverable. You even have the chance to work with well-known companies like Coca-Cola!

side hustles for women, best side hustles for women, side hustles, the best side hustles for women

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great side hustle for women, especially if you already have a decent-sized platform on social media! Recommend products that you love and make a commission every time someone buys from you. Be careful, though; you want to make sure you’re authentic and genuinely love the product, or people may not trust you in the future. Here are five excellent affiliate marketing platforms to start making money from home:

Amazon Associates



eBay Partner Network

Avangate Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is a popular and lucrative way to make money passively. Post products on social media or share your links with friends and family while doing another side hustle to make some great money!

Side Hustles for Women – Conclusion

There are many side hustles for women out there. If you’re looking for some more side hustle ideas, check out this free list of over 110 side hustles I put together! I hope you find these side hustles in the article helpful. If you have any questions, please email me at hello@strivehustles.com

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