9 Sites Like Poshmark
Every Reseller Should Try

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If you’ve considered reselling but don’t like Poshmark or want to know all your reselling options, I’ve got you covered! There are lots of other platforms that you can consider, or even cross-list one product on several different platforms. Let’s dive into nine different sites like Poshmark that every reseller should try.

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So. What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a reselling platform. You can list items you no longer use or are just taking up space. You can list clothing items, household items, electronics, and even pet items! You won’t be able to sell large furniture items, so look for a different platform if you want to resell furniture.

Poshmark is a platform that revolves around community and being involved with the platform. You will have to “share” your items and your follower’s items for them to sell quickly. There are Posh Shows that you can join and even host. It’s a fun platform if you love connecting with others!

However, if you want to ship internationally, you’ll have to work with other sites like Poshmark. They do not support international shipping, but they do ship within the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, and the U.K.

Poshmark Fees

All reselling platforms will have fees. So you’ll have to decide which platform and their fees are the best fit for you.

Poshmark’s fees can be a bit complicated. They take a 20% commission on every sale over $15 and a flat fee of $2.95 on every sale under $15. You can also offer discounts on shipping which will be taken from your earnings on the item.

With that said, let’s get into it!


Mercari is another reselling platform that is very similar to Poshmark. They are a Japanese e-commerce company that allows you to list everything that Poshmark allows. Follow others and review your orders, and receive notifications from those you follow.

Mercari Fees

There are several different fees that Mercari has for its sellers. Listing an item is free, but they have a minimum selling fee of 10% for each transaction. Mercari also offers several different shipping labels through the platform, depending on the weight. So be sure to weigh your items carefully before you list so you don’t have your customers overpay.

If a seller cancels an order after it’s been placed, there is a fee of $5 or 5% of the item’s price. Whichever is higher. 

There is also a processing fee through third-party service providers that charge 2.9% + $0.50 per transaction. Mercari does not ship internationally, but the platform is offered in the U.S., Japan, and the U.K.


Depop is a U.K.-based marketplace and is quite similar to Poshmark. Depop also is centered around community, sharing, and liking listings. However, most of the clothing items listed on Depop are more for Gen-Z, so if you have clothes that don’t match the current style, Poshmark may be a better platform for you.

Depop Fees

There are several different types of fees with Depop. They take a 10% commission on every sale, but you can also boost a listing without an upfront cost. But Depop will take another 8% (18%  total) on that sale.

Sellers can also choose to offer free shipping or charge a flat rate. Unlike Poshmark, the only way to offer shipping discounts is if you offer free shipping. Depop will take this out of your earnings from the item. So, make sure you don’t offer free shipping on a low-priced item!

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ThredUp is an excellent resource if you don’t want to spend time listing and sharing items. You simply want to make extra space in your house, and the money is just a bonus. ThredUp will send you a bag to put your items in, and you ship it back to them. Once they have quality checked your items, they’ll pay you!

This site is like Poshmark, as in it’s a second-hand reselling store. But you won’t get paid as much as you would on Poshmark because you don’t get to choose how much you sell your items for. ThredUp decides.

ThredUp Fees

ThredUp is a bit more complicated when it comes to fees. Here’s how it goes:

  • Selling Price: $5-$19.99
    • Your Payout: 3%-15%
  • Selling Price: $20-$49.99
    • Your Payout: 15%-30%
  • Selling Price: $50-$99.99
    • Your Payout: 30%-60%
  • Selling Price: $100-$199.99
    • Your Payout: 60%-80%
  • Selling Price: $200+
    • Your Payout: 80%

So with ThredUp, you won’t have to worry about shipping, photographing your listings, or marketing. But you won’t make as much money as you could with other sites like Poshmark. You could potentially only get $0.57 on an item that sells for $19.99. 

So this is a great site to use if you want to sell your clothes without worrying about marketing or the time it takes to sell on your own. But if you want to get the money your clothes are worth, consider checking out a different site.


If you have bigger items, like furniture or large household items, consider using OfferUp. OfferUp is most similar to Facebook Marketplace, as in they both rely heavily on your local community, but you can ship your items if you want to.

List your items on OfferUp, and people in your local community can check them out! Then, meet up, they pay through the app, and you’re done!

OfferUp Fees & Safety Tips

If you meet up locally, there aren’t any fees! Because of this, it makes this site an attractive option to use. But, if you decide to ship an item OfferUp will take 12.9% of the final sale price (excluding shipping costs) with a minimum fee of $1.99.

You can’t ship anything more than 20 pounds. So if you have an item heavier than 20 pounds, consider selling it locally through the app.

However, as a woman, I always recommend you put your safety first! It’s sad that this is even a topic to discuss, but it needs to be done. If possible, meet with the buyer in a public area. 

If it’s not possible, make sure that someone else is home with you when the buyer comes to pick up the item. I always like changing my name to a Unisex name like Payton or Jordan as an extra layer of security.

Trust your gut, be aware of your surroundings, and stay safe!


eBay is one of the oldest and most successful e-commerce sites. List an item and auction it off, or you can have buyers purchase at the listed price, or they can offer and negotiate a deal. This is one of the most similar sites to Poshmark!

eBay Fees

eBay’s fees are really complicated. But for the most part, the first 250 listings per month are free, but for any more than that, you will have to pay $0.35/listing. For clothing, eBay takes 15% of the final price plus $0.30/item.

Consider selling your items on eBay and other sites like Poshmark to quickly sell your items and make the most bang for your buck!

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Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is a great option if you’re serious about selling as a side hustle. If you want a more casual reseller experience, you may want to consider other sites. But it’s still an excellent reseller platform.

Amazon Marketplace Fees

Like eBay, Amazon Marketplace’s fees are a bit confusing. There are:

  • Monthly Subscription Fees (free if you sell less than 40 items a month, if not, it’s $39.99/month)
  • Per-item Fees  – If you sell less than 40 items/month, you’ll be charged $0.99/item.
  • Shipping Fees
  • Referral Fees – 15%-45% of the final listing price
  • Variable Closing Fees – $1.80 on all media sales


Many more fees come with working with Amazon, but Amazon is the most successful online e-commerce site out there! So you can get customers much easier with less marketing, but it will cost more.

Facebook Marketplace

If you love the idea of OfferUp, consider joining the more popular version, Facebook Marketplace. Sell your items to your local community, or ship them if you have an interested buyer. 

Facebook Marketplace Fees & Safety Tips

Like OfferUp, there aren’t any fees for listing or selling an item locally. But if you want to ship an item, you’ll have to pay $0.40 for items that are $8 or less. If you earn over $8 on an item, Facebook Marketplace will take 5%.

This is a wonderful option if you want to help your community. It’s also a great way to get fabulous finds in your area! 

Also, like OfferUp, make sure you put your safety first. Especially since Facebook Marketplace is linked with Facebook, try and meet up with your buyer in a public area. Make sure they’re a good communicator. If you have to meet at home, make sure someone else is there with you!

Be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and stay safe!


If you have luxury items that just don’t fit your style anymore, sell them on Tradesy! Unlike Poshmark, Tradesy is a much more list-and-leave-it platform. There isn’t much you can do besides taking great pictures and writing good descriptions. 

So, if you want to make some great money on your luxury items without spending too much time marketing your listings, Tradesy is a great option.

Tradsey Fees

Tradesy has a fee of 19.8% on items that are sold over $50. For items that are sold under $50, they charge a flat fee of $7.50. So, if you have items worth $20 or less, it may be best to list them on another site, as your final profit will only be around $5.

sites like poshmark, sites like depop, reselling sites, online reselling sites, reselling apps

Ruby Lane

If you have some antiques that you would love to sell online, Ruby Lane is an excellent site like Poshmark to join! Sell anything from carpets, glass, dolls, and clothes! 

Ruby Lane Fees

There aren’t any listing fees or setup fees. But there is a maintenance fee of $25/month if you don’t list 15 items that month. If you add 15 items, you’ll receive a rebate of $25. There is also a service fee of 9.9% of the order total. 

What Is The Best Reselling Platform?

Well. That depends on a lot! It depends on what you want to sell, where you’re located, and how involved with the platform you want to be. My personal favorite is Poshmark, but that’s because most of my items fit the target audience that is on that platform.

I would recommend that you play around with several at a time, but make sure you keep track of what’s been sold and what hasn’t! After you’ve sold several from each, regroup and decide which you’d like to focus on. Or don’t! You can continue cross-listing! Whichever you choose is best is the best.

If you need more side hustle ideas, download this list of 113 ideas that are categorized and have the potential income of each side hustle! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at hello@strivehustles.com.

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