7 Side Hustles for Teens to Do
Right Now!

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Looking for some ideas for side hustles for teens? Maybe they’re so busy with extracurricular that getting a part-time job would be too much for them. Side hustles are perfect for nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as getting paid on their own terms.  In this article, I’ll be sharing seven different side hustles that they can start right now to make some extra money on the side. Whether they’re into art, animals, or even fashion, we have you covered!

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Become a Dog Walker


A dog walker is a great side hustle, especially if they love animals! Set your own rates, choose who you work with, and choose when you work! This is the perfect side gig for teenagers. Pick up more opportunities on the weekend, walk a dog before and after school, and make some new friends and connections in your community.


Consider these dog-walking platforms to help get you started: 


Resell Unwanted Items


If you know of a teenager who just has SO many things in their closet, consider encouraging them to resell those unwanted items. It helps the environment, clears out their closet, may pique their interest in owning a business, and they can make a few extra dollars!


There are several different platforms for reselling items, but here are the most popular ones:


If you need help deciding which platform to join, I have broken down the pros and cons of both Poshmark and Depop in this article. Go check it out!


Tutoring as a Side Hustle


Tutoring as a side hustle for teens is a great way to help those in your community, make extra money, and looks great on a resume! Unfortunately, most freelance tutoring platforms require some sort of secondary education degree, so signing up for a platform won’t be possible.


But there are still ways to become a tutor! 


Reach out to your local libraries and give them your contact information in case anyone is interested in your services. Join local Facebook groups and offer your services there. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about your new side hustle as well. They may know someone who needs your services!

side hustles for teens, side hustles for teenagers, side hustles for high school students

Food Delivery Side Hustle

Become a food delivery driver! There are a few cons to this, as it does require a car and a driver’s license or a bike (but delivering on a bike would be best if you live in a walkable city). Some food delivery platforms also require you to be 18 or even 21, so be sure to watch out for that if you sign up.


If you are considering becoming a food delivery driver, here is an article that breaks down five delivery platforms and their pros and cons.


Photography Side Hustle


If you love the arts, consider becoming a photographer while you’re in high school. This does require a bit of investment into equipment and editing software, so be aware before you start! You can photograph senior portraits, headshots, family portraits, or even just fun get-togethers.


To start advertising your services, be sure to start and grow an Instagram account, as this will be a great way to show off your skills. You can join local Facebook groups, family and friends, and even offer a few services for free.


This is a great way to experiment with hobbies and could lead to a career path if this is something that really interests you.


Become a Micro-Influencer


As a social media manager myself, this is much easier said than done. But because I’m a social media manager, I know the importance of micro-influencers to businesses. Most small businesses use micro-influencers if their budget is really small or they are in a very specific niche that doesn’t have many large influencers. 


Becoming a micro-influencer is a great side hustle for teens. It will teach them how to grow social media accounts, how to negotiate prices, how brand deals work, and they can work when they want.


In order to become a micro-influencer, you’ll need to have an account of anywhere from 1k-15k active and engaged followers. Once you reach 1k followers, start reaching out to small businesses that your specific audience would benefit from, and tell them that you’d be interested in posting one of their products on your account for free in exchange for free products. Once you have done enough of these and have grown more, you can start charging for posting their products.

side hustles for teens, side hustles for teenagers, side hustles for high school students

Babysitting as a Side Hustle


If your teen loves working with children, becoming a babysitter would be a great way for them to earn some extra money while helping them gain life skills and experience. I was a nanny in high school and absolutely loved it. It taught me so many skills that benefit me today, as well as great friends!


Talk to your friends and family about becoming a babysitter. Join local Facebook groups and offer your services there. Create flyers and post them around your neighborhood.


My biggest tip and what gave me more clients was always leaving the house cleaner than how I found it! Even if it’s already very clean, maybe do the dishes or vacuum if you can. Anything to help the parents’ life easier.


Take Surveys


If you ever finish your work early in class, consider taking a few surveys to make some extra cash! You may only make a few cents to a few dollars per survey, but that’s more than you had the previous day!


Taking surveys is a great side hustle for teens. It allows you to make some more money in bed, at school (when you finish everything you need to do, of course), and anywhere else that allows you to have your phone.


Here are some great survey platforms to sign up for:



If you’re still looking for some side hustles, download this Google Sheet I put together that has 110+ side hustles that you can start right now, as well as the potential earnings!

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