10 Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do Right Now

Do you find yourself scrolling and pinning your day away on Pinterest? If you do, consider becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant! These people help business owners optimize and manage their Pinterest accounts but don’t worry; you don’t have to know the ins and outs of the platform! Let’s go over 10 Pinterest virtual assistant jobs that you can do right now!

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Perform Keyword Research

Did you know, technically, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform? It’s a search engine! So, that means that researching and implementing keywords into content is crucial for success. Even though keyword research is essential, some people don’t do it because it’s time-consuming and can be mundane. Because of this, many business owners outsource keyword research.

Doing keyword research for Pinterest is similar to doing keyword research for a blog. You can use a free Google Chrome extension like Keywords Everywhere. You can also use other tools like Ahrefs or search for the keyword you’re interested in using in the Pinterest search bar. If it comes up, use it!


Engaging with your target audience is crucial in growing a Pinterest audience. Without engagement, most accounts won’t have a large monthly viewing, content being pinned, or followers. Much like executing keyword research, engagement can also become mundane and time-consuming to business owners, so this is often outsourced. 

To do engagement, you can follow group boards. This means people bulk pin, click, and follow, and you will have to reciprocate, or you may be kicked out of the group board. You can also follow, pin, and comment on your client’s ideal customer. This encourages them to look at their account and potentially follow your client or, even better, buy from them!

Create Pins

Creating pins is one of the most common Pinterest virtual assistant jobs that is outsourced. Create pins using tools like Canva. But be sure that you follow a format! The best pins are usually bold and always include the keyword in the design.

Be sure also to include the keyword in the title and caption. You can bulk create and schedule using Pinterest’s native scheduler tool. This saves so much time in the long run! You can use Canva’s pin templates and customize them to your client’s business. Find free stock photos on websites like Unsplash and Pexels as well. 

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Profile Optimization

Optimize your client’s bio as a Pinterest virtual assistant. If you don’t have an optimized bio, you won’t be able to reach your full monthly view and follower potential! Do this by changing the main profile picture to a facial image of your client. People like knowing they’re following a person, not necessarily a brand.

Edit the bio and name to include keywords. Ensure that your client’s website is linked, make sure the cover photo is related to the business, and try and keep the username as close to the business name as possible. It’s simple but essential for real growth.

Pin Refreshing

A typical Pinterest virtual assistant job is to refresh past pins. Chances are, if you’re being hired to optimize new pins, the old ones could also use a refresher! Doing this job is very similar to optimizing the original pins.

Do keyword research and ensure the keyword is in the graphic, title, and caption. If not, be sure to add it! You can easily change the pin graphic by clicking the edit button and uploading the content you made.

Create and Organize Boards

Give your client’s Pinterest account a refresh by creating boards by organizing their past content! These board titles should include the keywords (I know you’re getting tired of me mentioning that, but it’s essential!) and every Pin related to said content. If the boards are not already created and organized, this may take a while, which is why this is a common outsourced job.

No matter how much content has been made, go through it and organize it into the boards. This is crucial to optimize the account!

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Pinterest Copywriter

A Pinterest copywriter is another option if you want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. Sometimes, business owners have a graphic designer to design the pins, but nobody to actually transform the keyword into content. That’s where you come in!

Your creative mind can create the keyword into content, which you then will relay to the graphic designer. Once you have the graphic, then you can upload it to Pinterest. Create a working title and caption that includes the keyword but still appeals to your target audience. Write for people, not for an algorithm!

Research Trending Topics

Pinterest offers a “trending topics” tool, which is great for planning content. Research topics that will be trending in the coming months to optimize your pins. Once you find topics you’re interested in creating pins for, keep track of it in an Excel sheet, Google sheet, or, my personal favorite, Airtable

This way, you can keep track of all the content coming up, your client can approve or reject the ideas, and you can know how repetitive your posts are. 

Pinterest Shop Manager

A Pinterest shop manager is another option if you’re interested in becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. Manage your clients’ products by not only creating pins for their shop but optimizing them as well.

You can reach out to potential influencers for collaborations, ensure that every product in the store has a pin that links to the website and has the right keywords, and engage with any comments that may come up. 

Most business owners are too busy with their store to worry about optimizing every single product’s pin, so they outsource this task.

Group Board Manager

Group boards are basically like Instagram pods. People can follow and contribute their own content, but you have to be sure to reciprocate any engagement that has been done to your pins. This can get tedious and is sometimes not the best strategy when it comes to engagement, so be sure you do your research before recommending joining a Group Board.

Group board managers are in charge of ensuring that nobody is spamming content or being inappropriate. They’re also in charge of making sure that everything is reciprocated. As you can imagine (and like everything else listed), this is extremely tedious. This alone could be a full-time job. So make sure you offer this as a service when looking for some Pinterest virtual assistant jobs!

If you’re wondering how to get clients, take a look at these articles, where I break down how to become a virtual assistant and how to become a social media manager with no experience. 

As always, feel free to email me at hello@strivehustles.com if you have any questions!

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  1. I’ve never considered becoming a VA for Pinterest before, but I do spend a lot of time on my Pinterest account, so it would be a great side hustle!

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