14 Part Time Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Try Right Now

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Most successful business owners have a team of people behind them, supporting them along the way. One of those people is most likely a virtual assistant! One of the most attractive reasons people become virtual assistants is that they work as independent contractors, which means you can choose when you work. Let’s take a look at 15 part time virtual assistant jobs that you can start right now!

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Data Entry

Some people hate data entry; some people love it. If you love consistency and organization, consider adding data entry to your list of part time virtual assistant jobs. As a data entry virtual assistant, you will handle lots of numbers and input information into your client’s systems and databases. I know that may sound like a bunch of random words, but it’s much simpler than it sounds!

Your client would give you information to log into an app or software they use. You would then take whatever information your client needs and put it in an Excel sheet or PowerPoint or wherever they need it! Simple, consistent, and reliable.

Email Management

Sometimes business owners get hundreds of emails daily and have no idea what to do with them all! I’ve had several clients come to me and ask me to organize it so they can have a to-do list right in their email account, so this is a very in-demand part time virtual assistant job.

However, this does require you to be able to learn fast and understand technology. Create filters and labels, automate, and connect accounts through email so you can make your clients’ lives easier.

Calendar Management

Doing calendar management for your client means lots of communication, so if making phone calls makes you nervous, you may not want to offer this to your clients. As a calendar manager virtual assistant, your job is to make sure your client is always on top of everywhere they need to be. If there are any scheduling conflicts, you’ll be in charge of solving it.

Client Manager

Many business owners are too busy to ensure clients are happy with their services. So, they hire a client manager virtual assistant. Offering this service to your client means that you will be communicating with their clients over the phone and email. You’ll also make sure all their documents and information are organized the way your client wants.

If you love customer service, consider offering this as a part time virtual assistant!

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Researching is an essential part of businesses, so this is the perfect part time virtual assistant job! You’ll be doing market research, meaning you are looking up your clients’ competition and ideal clients, ensuring that what your client is offering really hits their audience’s pain points and they’re unique.

Basically, you’ll ensure your client stays one step ahead of their competitors! Fun, easy, but so necessary!

Customer Service

Have you ever had an issue with a small business’s product and emailed the company with a concern? Well, there’s a chance that whoever responded was a virtual assistant! If you’re an expert at solving problems, are patient, and love helping people, being a customer service virtual assistant is perfect for you.

Answer customer emails regarding their orders, be the messenger between the customer and the shipping company, and spend your day making other people happy! This can be rewarding yet draining, so be sure you are putting your mental health first.


Being responsible for onboarding is similar to client management. However, for onboarding, your sole responsibility is to ensure the new client has everything they need to get started. You’ll most likely be the head communicator between your client’s business and the new member they’re working with.

If you’re great at communicating, love organizing, and don’t mind answering questions, add onboarding to your list of services.


Many business owners add bookkeeping to the list of tasks their virtual assistant does. As a bookkeeping virtual assistant, you will be in charge of tracking transactions, sending invoices to clients, managing invoices from team members, and managing financial reports.

It’s important to let your clients know that you’re not an accountant! They will need to hire an accountant as well as a bookkeeper, but this is an easily outsourced job that they can assign to you.

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Event Planning

Do you love planning birthday or holiday parties? If you do, be sure to let your clients know! As an event planning virtual assistant, you’ll organize events like giveaways, team getaways, client get-togethers, managing guest lists, and contacting vendors.

I have managed several events as a virtual assistant, and my main advice is to be sure you’re organized! Keep a list of all the vendors you’ve contacted, what they said, who you still need to get, and any other random pieces of information. It’s super helpful to both you and your client, so they’re always in the know about what you’re doing.

Personal Errands

Running and managing personal errands for clients is one of my favorite tasks! Send thank you notes to their friends and family, make haircut appointments, or even plan their family vacation. There are so many tasks you can do for your clients that they just don’t have time for.

Website Updating

Keep track of your client’s websites and be sure to update it frequently with their current offers and testimonials. If there is something that needs to be updated, let your client know. They’ll appreciate you letting them know and will add value to your services. This is a great part time virtual assistant job.

Even though this sounds simple, this is probably one of the most complex jobs a virtual assistant can do. There is so much that goes into putting together and editing a website, so make sure you’ve done research about the platform they use so you don’t accidentally edit something that wasn’t supposed to be touched!

There are many different types of website platforms, but some of the most popular are WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

Graphic Design

A lot of times, clients need random graphics for projects or social media. They may ask you for some help, so even if you don’t have experience as a designer, I recommend saying yes anyway (but be honest, of course!). Canva is a great platform for people who have no experience designing. There are tons of templates you can use and personalize for your client.

If your client is needing an eBook, Facebook cover, fancy QR code, or an Instagram story, you can design it!

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Pinterest Virtual Assistant

A very popular part time virtual assistant job is to become a Pinterest virtual assistant! If you spend your time on Pinterest in your free time, this could be something you offer to your client. You can:

  • Do engagement
  • Create pins
  • Do keyword research
  • Write captions

If you can do it for fun, you can offer it to your client and help them save some time!

Social Media Virtual Assistant

As a social media virtual assistant, you’ll be doing a lot of similar tasks for different platforms. You’ll be researching trends, creating posts, stories, highlights, reels, and even doing hashtag research. As a social media virtual assistant, you won’t be strategizing anything. You’ll just be doing tasks that take too much time for your client.

If you don’t have experience as a social media manager or strategist, make sure your client knows. If you’re interested in becoming a social media manager, this is a great opportunity to get some experience and testimonials!

As a virtual assistant, you will be the jack of all trades, master of none. But always keep learning! There are so many virtual assisting jobs out there that you can do part time and full time; just choose how many hours you’re wanting to work and relay that to your client!

If you’re looking for a list of part time side hustles, you’re in luck! I’ve put together a list of over 100 side hustles that you can download right now. Have fun!

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