Is The Savvy System Worth It? – The Virtual Savvy Review

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Thinking about becoming a virtual assistant and signing up for The Savvy System? I personally signed up for the course in 2021 and want to break down the pros and cons of the course. Is it really worth the investment? Can you actually make the amount of money that they claim? Let’s get to it! 

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What Is The Savvy System?

The Savvy System is a course created by The Virtual Savvy that teaches people to become virtual assistants. It has 14 modules titled:

  • Welcome To The Savvy System
  • Discover Your Skillset
  • Pricing and Packages
  • Branding Academy
  • Processes and Assets
  • Payments, Invoices, and Taxes (Oh My!)
  • Legalities
  • Marketing 101
  • The Ultimate Marketing Plan
  • Web Development 101
  • The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle
  • Raising Your Prices
  • Building a Team
  • What’s Next?

As you can see, the course goes into extreme detail on how to get started as a virtual assistant. They also have a Facebook group with over 117k+ members. Just by looking at the Facebook group and modules, it appears that they know what they’re talking about!

Who Is The Savvy System For?

The Savvy System is for anyone who wants to become a virtual assistant! Whether that’s college students, young parents, or even grandparents! Anyone who wants to work from home and learn to become a virtual assistant can take The Savvy System.

Free vs. Paid Resources

The Virtual Savvy has many free resources you can use if money’s tight.

Free Resources

As of August 2023, The Savvy System’s free resources include:

They offer tons of free resources that have lots of value. I personally love that they offer so many different freebies with such high value. That made me earn their trust almost immediately!

Paid Resources

Now, they also have lots of paid resources. Let’s break it down:

These are their current offers as of August 2023. Their paid resources range anywhere from $7 for a one-time purchase to $500/month for group coaching.

is the savvy system worth it, the savvy system review, the virtual savvy review, is the savvy system legit

The Savvy System Cost Review

So, there is quite a range of what you can pay for The Savvy System and The Savvy Vault. As someone who has purchased and used both resources, I would highly recommend you at least get The Savvy System Pro ($1,497). 

I purchased that tier and then purchased The Savvy Vault’s monthly membership, so I wouldn’t have to pay almost $3,000 for a resource that didn’t give me any guarantee. 

I personally think that if you’re already going to spend $997 for a course, you may as well add another $497 that gives you so many more benefits than the $997 tier. It may not be entirely worth it if you’re just getting the smallest tier.

But they do offer monthly payments! If you’re in need of money quickly, consider signing up for their monthly payment plan so you can start making money ASAP.

Perks of The Savvy System

Just like their free resources, their paid resources offer tons of value! 

The Savvy System Lite ($997) offers:

  • 14 Step-By-Step Modules
  • The VA Toolbox
  • Drag & Drop VA Portfolio
  • The VA Template Vault
  • Milestones/Gameboard/Merch


The Savvy System Pro ($1,497) offers all of the above plus:

  • Unlimited Proposal Reviews
  • Group Coaching And Support
  • Private VA Online Community
  • Mega Crazy Swipe File
  • Proposals That Win Training
  • Savvy Your Site Training
  • Abbey Ashley’s Discovery Call Demo


The Savvy System Ultimate ($2,997) offers all of the above and:

  • Lifetime Access To Savvy Vault
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • 80+ Tech Training Courses
  • Tech Live Group-Coaching


So, this course should definitely be considered if you want to fast-track your way to becoming a VA.

Are There Other Resources Besides The Savvy System?

Yes! There are tons of other courses and resources available for you to use. Another popular VA course creator is Jessica Hawks. However, after researching the benefits of both The Savvy System and Digital Millenial Masterclass, The Savvy System offered more while being cheaper.

The big reason why I decided to pay for The Savvy System is because of the overwhelming amount of resources out there. You can find all the information that The Savvy System gives you for free, but it will take you at least six months before you launch. It took me a week and a half!

is the savvy system worth it, the savvy system review, the virtual savvy review, is the savvy system legit

So. Is The Savvy System Worth It? – My Personal Review

So. Is The Savvy System worth it? In my opinion, yes! It gave me clarity, so many resources to turn to, and if I had a question about anything, their customer service was exceptional. However, I’d highly recommend purchasing The Savvy Vault if you want more than just a side hustle.

This course will give you all the tools you need to become a VA, but it won’t do the work for you. There isn’t a guarantee that you will make money, but if you sit down and do every step in each module, it’s completely possible. 

With the help of The Savvy System and The Savvy Vault, I got my first client within two weeks, and I had 0 experience as a virtual assistant. I could then scale into a full agency with an average closing retainer of $750/month. I was able to transition my services from virtual assisting to social media management and copywriting when I didn’t have any experience with either.

My only negative review is that I wish they had created more Savvy Vault videos frequently. They only make one a month, and there are still quite a few services that aren’t in the vault. So, I had to turn to other resources to learn how to help my clients (the whole reason why I got The Savvy Vault in the first place).

Other than that, I would highly recommend The Savvy System and The Virtual Savvy resources if you’re looking to become a VA.

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