Is Poshmark Worth It? – An Honest Review

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Have you ever thought about selling your clothes that no longer match your style? What about household items that you no longer love? If so, you have probably considered Poshmark. But what about the time it takes to list an item and then continually share it with your audience? Is Poshmark worth it? Here’s an honest review!

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What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is one of many second-hand reselling platforms. It allows you to sell items that no longer serve a purpose to you to someone who loves it. People can buy one or even ten items from you in one order. Poshmark also will collect your taxes and send you a 1099 during tax season.

However, Poshmark isn’t a platform where you can list and forget. You will have to be active by sharing your items and your follower’s items to see results. Poshmark is a very community-driven platform–and it shows when you need results.

What Can You Sell On Poshmark?

You can sell almost anything! From clothing items to pet toys to even household gadgets. However, there are a few types of items that Poshmark doesn’t support, like:

  • Perfumes & Aerosols
  • Replica Designer Items
  • Used Undergarments
  • Electronics (outside of the electronics market)


Other than that, sell whatever you want! Some resellers have made this their full-time job.

How Much Can You Make With Poshmark?

The amount of money you can make depends on many things. What you sell, how active you are in the app, and the quality of the items that you’re selling. Some people only make $10/month, while others make $10,000+/month. 

I have items listed for several years that still haven’t sold, while I’ve listed and sold others within a few hours. Poshmark can feel like a guessing game and can be inconsistent with the items that sell. So consider that before selling your items.

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How Important Are Shares And Likes With Poshmark?

Sharing your closet on Poshmark is the most important thing you can do to sell your items. It’s more beneficial than sharing your follower’s items. When someone likes an item, they are considering purchasing that listing in the future. You can then offer discounts to the likers to encourage them to purchase from you.

When you get likes, your closet is getting noticed, and it is a great sign that you will sell something soon. But it’s not a guarantee. I have an item in my shop that’s been up for a few months with around 40 likes. But I’ve also sold other items that didn’t have any likes. 

Poshmark also has Posh Parties where people can share their items under a designated theme, so people looking for items can find and purchase them quickly. These party themes can be anything from kids’ clothes, household items, pet supplies, seasonal, jeans, and anything in between.

Hosts of these Posh Party hosts pick items from their followers to be featured, but just because your item has been featured doesn’t mean it will sell. I have had many items picked by hosts, and there hasn’t been a time where I have sold that item during the Posh Party. I have also hosted several parties and didn’t sell any items, but I gained a few thousand followers in less than 24 hours.

So, depending on your goals, getting your items to be a host pick may not be worth it.

Poshmark Fees

Poshmark takes a 20% commission on every sale over $15 and a flat fee of $2.95 on every sale under $15. You can also offer discounts on shipping which will be taken from your earnings on the item. But it’s free to create an account and to list items, unlike other marketplaces like Etsy.

Are There Other Sites Like Poshmark?

Yes! There are tons of other second-hand marketplaces like Poshmark. You can cross-list your items on these different sites to sell your items quickly. Check out other sites like:


Every platform has its pros and cons and different fees, so play around with each and ensure you’re comfortable with what the platforms offer.

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Are There Extensions For Poshmark?

There are several out there to help you sell items on Poshmark. My personal favorite is a Google Chrome extension called PosherVA. It can automatically share your items, send offers to likers, relist and delist items, bulk edit prices, and more. It has been a lifesaver.

The month I downloaded PosherVA, I made $200+ that month and gained 10,000+ followers. 5 months later, I’ve made $1,100+ more than usual and gained 100k+ followers. 

This extension is the only reason Poshmark has been worth it to me. I’ve been able to save time and energy with their automations. However, it costs $25/month. But in my opinion, it is totally worth it.

Depending on how serious you are about reselling, you can get cross-listing software. This software will automatically list your items on the platforms that you connected the software to. This will save lots of time and energy during the listing process. A popular cross-listing software to consider is Vendoo.

The pricing plans change depending on the number of items you list every month. Vendoo costs anywhere from $9/month-$150/month. I haven’t used Vendoo, so I don’t feel qualified to give a good review of the software, but I’ve only heard great things about it.

So. Is Poshmark Worth It?

It entirely depends on the person and the circumstances. For me, because this isn’t the only side hustle I do, Poshmark is worth it. I spend about 5 hours a month listing items, making anywhere from $250 to $500/month. I don’t have to spend time being active because of the software I use. 

But, if I didn’t have the software and listed less than 20 items in total, it wouldn’t be worth it to me. There is too much time involved for the little payout. But that’s just me.

Pros of Poshmark

  • List when you want
  • Save money on package material with free USPS boxes
  • No income limit
  • Extend the life of your clothes
  • Create a community
  • List as much or as little as you want
  • Sales tax collected for you
  • Listing items are free
  • Don’t need to spend money promoting your items

Cons of Poshmark

  • Lots of time needed to see results
  • Need to be heavily involved with the app to sell items
  • Need to store the items until they sell
  • Customers may return items
  • No telling when items may sell


So. Play around with it! Try it out for a month and decide if it’s for you. Try out the software I mentioned above to help you automate time-consuming tasks. It can be worth it if you have the right tools and items to sell.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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