Is Doordashing Worth It?

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have ordered Doordash, GrubHub or UberEats more times than you can count since 2020. Did you know that you could be a delivery driver and it’s super easy to sign up? But first, let’s decide if it’s actually worth it. Today we’re going to be dissecting the Doordash platform and decide if it’s worth it for you to become a Dasher.

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Does Doordash Have a Good Base Pay?

For every order you deliver on Doordash, you receive a minimum (base pay) of $3. Some people don’t tip so you may only get $3 for that order. Some may tip you really well, like $15, plus the $3 base pay. The average tip for orders though is around $3-$4 ($6-$7 including the base pay). 

Doordash also gives bonuses during busy times, weekends and holidays. The bonuses can be as much as $10/order or as little as $.50/order. It just depends on the number of dashers out and the amount of orders coming in.

Because Doordash pays by the order and not by the hour, you have the potential to make up to $27/hour, or as little as $3/hour. The average is about $15-$18 so you shouldn’t worry about consistently making $3/hour.

Another great thing that I love about Doordash is that they pay weekly for no fee, and daily for a small fee. So if you’re needing instant cash with little hassle, Doordash can be a great side hustle for you.

Does Doordash Help With Gas?

That would be amazing if Doordash provided extra gas money. Unfortunately, they don’t. So you have to take into account the miles you’re putting on your car and the cost of gas. The great thing about Doordashing is that you don’t even need a car. You can deliver orders on a motorcycle or even a bike! All in all, depending on gas prices in your area and whether you live in a city, suburbs or rural area, Doordash may not be the side hustle for you.

The great thing is that you are a 1099 contractor, which means you have to do your own taxes. We’ll go over that later what being a contractor is, but you can write off gas as a business expense and save on taxes!

is doordashing worth it, safety tips for female dashers, doordashing tips, what is doordash's base pay

Orders Can Be Inconsistent

Some weeks you may earn $500 and others $150. Some people may find that exciting while others find it stressful. If you’re okay with having an unknown paycheck, then Doordash is perfect for you. This was the ultimate reason why I stopped dashing. I needed a consistent income that I could count on. However, if you’re only doing this for a few extra bucks a week, then this is still a great side hustle for you!

Doordashing is an Introvert’s Dream

If you’re an introvert or simply don’t like interacting with people, delivery driving is a perfect option for you. You simply accept the order, drive to the restaurant, tell a cook or hostess who the order is for and then drop the order off at your customer’s door! There is very little interaction with people when all goes well.

Unfortunately not every order is perfect. Sometimes the restaurant forgets something and sometimes you’re even given the wrong address! This can be easily fixed though. Just contact Dasher support and they’ll help you right away! 

A great thing is that if you’re noticing your order is taking a long time to cook or you simply can’t find the restaurant, you can cancel the delivery. Doing this a lot can hurt your dasher stats (deliveries, 5 star ratings and acceptance rate), but it’s very helpful when things go wrong.

You Have to Do Your Own Taxes as a Dasher

As I mentioned earlier, you are responsible for your own taxes. I am no accountant, so please take my advice with a grain of salt! If you make more than $600/year, Doordash will send you a 1099 which is what is used to file your taxes for the year. I recommend checking out TurboTax to help you file your taxes to make sure you don’t make a mistake. Remember to keep your gas receipts so you can write that off as a business expense!

Safety Tips for Dashers That are Women

I hate that we have to have this conversation, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You’re literally driving to strangers’ houses! We have to be aware and be safe.

I recommend changing your “Dasher name” to a unisex name if it isn’t one. This will decrease the likelihood of something bad happening when you arrive at the customer’s house. My Dasher name was Jay and it helped me feel safer going to people’s houses and apartments.

I also recommend never dashing by yourself, but I know this isn’t always possible. If you do dash by yourself, be sure to be aware of your surroundings and have your phone with you when you leave your car, especially at night!

You can also check where your customer is located before you accept your order. If the house/apartments are in a very secluded area, I recommend not accepting it.

Doordash also provides a button that you can press that will call authorities if you are feeling unsafe. So be sure to always have your phone and the app open in case you need to press it!

These tips may make me seem paranoid, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Is Doordashing Worth It?

It honestly depends on your situation and is ultimately your decision. When I was a Dasher, gas was cheap, I lived in a populated area and I was a college student so I needed a flexible schedule. You can pick whenever you work, take your kids or significant other with you or just be alone while you deliver food.

If you are in a rural area and have very little kids, being a Dasher probably isn’t the best side hustle option for you.

You will have to decide if being a Dasher is worth it for YOU! I hope I provided enough information so you can make an informed decision for your next side hustle.

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