Hi there! I'm Kaitlyn Lowther! I'm the blogger and researcher here at Strive Hustles.

Throughout the years, I have over 10 different side hustles...one of which became my full time job!

How It All Began

In elementary school, I was one of those kids that would make jewelry and sell them for $1 to my classmates. I was a natural entrepreneur! When I entered high school, I became more serious about small ways I could make some cash.

In high school, started selling my clothes on Poshmark and Depop, babysitting, dog-walking, Doordashing and nannying.

A family friend owned a Real Estate company so I helped her manage and optimize her emails along with communicating to different contractors and even doing some house searching for her.

I then realized what a virtual assistant was. When I started college I applied to every scholarship I could, but it wasn’t enough. I decided to make my own virtual assisting business. Since then, I’ve discovered my love of web design, social media, graphic design, copywriting and meeting amazing new people!

I now work full-time for my company, but there were some instances where I needed to come up with a side hustle in order for me to pay rent. Researching what I could do was very overwhelming for me. I WISHED there was just one place I could turn to that wasn’t biased. 

Almost every blog that I read for a new endeavor was either written by the company or by someone who was getting paid to talk about it. My goal is be as unbiased as possible when giving you the information on how to start a new side hustle.

I know that there are so many reasons to start a side hustle, whether it’s because you were like me and need the money, want to save up for a vacation, want new things around your house, or even if it’s because you’re bored and want to try something new!

Although money can’t buy happiness, it buys freedom. That’s something everyone deserves and it’s the mission of Strive Hustles.

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