Depop vs. Poshmark – Which is the Best for Selling Online?

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Hey there! If you’re into buying and selling second-hand clothing and accessories, then you’ve probably heard of Depop and Poshmark. These two platforms have taken the world by storm and have changed the way people buy and sell used items online. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the differences between the two and help you decide which one is right for you.

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Depop and Poshmark are both online marketplaces that allow people to buy and sell second-hand clothing and accessories. They’re like virtual thrift stores, but with a wide reach! But what makes them different?


Depop is a UK-based marketplace that was founded in 2011. Depop is set up like a social media platform, almost similar to Instagram. You can follow, like, and comment on listings.

Depop’s Target Audience

If you are a Gen-Z or a young millennial, you will thrive here on Depop! Most listings that you will find are geared towards the younger generation, so this is a highly recommended platform if you have more “trendy” clothes you’re wanting to sell!

Depop Fees

Depop has several different fees. They take a 10% commission on every sale no matter what, but you can choose to boost a listing for free, but Depop will take another 8% (18% total) on that sale. Boosting your listing will allow your item to be shown immediately to potential buyers. Think of it like ads on Facebook or Instagram. Super simple!

Sellers can also choose to offer free shipping or charge a flat rate. You can also choose your own shipping method. Unfortunately, if you boost AND offer free shipping on a listing, Depop won’t tell you how much you’ll earn. So while someone spent $24 on an item, you may only receive $4, and you won’t know until it’s been purchased (or you’ve done the math yourself)!

Depop vs. Poshmark

Depop offers several things that Poshmark doesn’t. Depop allows users to personally message you about an item, while for Poshmark, you have to add an item to a bundle to private message a seller or buyer.

Depop also allows you to rate your buyer, not just the seller. This can make the selling experience much less anxiety-ridden for new sellers. 

Depop is less community driven than Poshmark, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you’re looking for a community and potential friendships through your selling experience, Poshmark may be a better fit for you. Depop is set up so you can easily list your items, boost them, and get a sale within a week or two of posting it! Poshmark takes a bit more effort.

Speaking of boosting, that’s something that Poshmark doesn’t offer. In order for your listings to do well, you have to be VERY active and share your listings almost hourly. Depop also allows you to sell all over the world, which Poshmark doesn’t offer. If you’re not comfortable with that yet, you can turn that setting off!

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Poshmark is a US-based marketplace that was founded in 2011. Poshmark’s interface is designed to be like both a traditional shopping website, and also an interactive social aspect via the app. Like Depop, users can follow, like, and comment on their listings. But Poshmark also allows you to share both yours and other “Posher’s” items.

Poshmark Target Audience

While there are many young Posher’s that have done well, I have found that most of my items I’ve sold are those targeted toward Gen-X and older millennials. But, most of my items I’ve bought have been Gen-Z items, so you can find both on Poshmark!

Poshmark Fees

Poshmark’s fees can be a bit more complicated. They take a 20% commission on every sale over $15, and a flat fee of $2.95 on every sale under $15. You can also offer discounts on shipping which will be taken out of your earnings on the item. Unlike Depop, Poshmark does a better job at being transparent about your earnings. You can always see how much you will earn before a buyer purchases your listing!

Poshmark vs. Depop

Just like Depop, Poshmark offers many things that Depop doesn’t. Poshmark is much more social and community driven than Depop. Poshmark offers something call “Posh Parties” which are, basically, groups of themed items. For example, there are “everything big, tall, and plus” posh parties for any items that are tall and plus size. There are also “everything pet” posh parties and even designer parties! 

You can share those items that qualify for the party, and you can also shop for items within the theme. You are most likely to sell if you share your items to those parties.

Poshmark also allows some users to host something called “Posh Shows. It allows them to sell their items live and to auction them. You can find some great deals for as low as $3 by attending live Posh Shows.

Poshmark doesn’t offer personal messaging unless you want to have a conversation by tagging them in your listing comments or by adding items to a bundle and commenting there. It’s a bit of a hassle and not very user friendly that way.

Poshmark tends to be a bit more serious for sellers than Depop. There are many users who make Poshmark their full time job. You can buy wholesale on Poshmark which is great if you’d like to take the next step in selling! If you want to be successful with Poshmark, you easily can, you just have to put in the time by sharing your items.

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So, which one is right for you?

If you’re looking for a bit of extra cash and have items that are currently trending, Depop may be the right fit for you! If you like the ease of simply posting and boosting, consider Depop. If you’re looking for a much more social aspect, a larger community, and are willing to invest your time and energy into selling your items, try Poshmark.

They’re both very similar, but it all comes down to your audience!

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  1. I had actually heard of both and didn’t know what the difference was. Thanks for the clarification! Great article! 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried poshmark yet but have enjoyed the few times I’ve used depop. This was helpful for learning more about poshmark!.

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