45 Cool Desk Essentials
Everyone Needs!

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If you work from home or just use your desk a lot, it can get boring really fast. I’ve worked as a virtual assistant and social media manager for several years, I know! But there are so many ways to make your space more fun, cozy, and relaxing. Here are 45 cool desk essentials starting at $5 that anyone with a desk needs to try!

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Organization Desk Items

If you’re anything like me, my desk can get messy so fast if I’m not careful. So, here are 11 organizational tools that everyone should try out.

Dual Monitor Stand With a Drawer

This product is great even if you don’t have dual monitors! Extra storage!

Drawer Organizers

Who doesn’t love extra organization? Everyone needs some draw organizers to keep them sane.

Paper Letter Tray

Whether you use paper or not, this is great for storage and organization.

Rotating Pencil Holder

What’s better than a pencil holder? A rotating pencil holder! This product is excellent for anyone who loves pens and pencils or has lots of miscellaneous items around their desk.

Tower Power Strip

Do you have a lot of items that need to be plugged in? I know I do. Get a tower power strip!

Pen Organizer

If you are an artist or someone with lots of pens and pencils, check out this pen organizer.

Cord Management & Organization

This product is my personal favorite. I have so many cords around my desk; this helps me be able to breathe again! 

Attachable Screen Pencil Organizer

This product is the most space-conscious organizer out there! I absolutely love it.

Ahesive Under-The-Desk Drawer

If you need an extra organizer but don’t want to spend time putting together a drawer, check out this adhesive drawer for under your desk.

Multi-Function Computer Monitor Memo Board

This product is another favorite of mine. All of my daily life and work tasks are right in front of me, so I don’t forget them!

Whiteboard Keyboard Stand With Storage

The most multi-functional product ever! 

Comfort Desk Items

Whether you are at your desk full-time or not, it can get uncomfortable quickly! I know I need to work on my posture when I’m sitting for an extended period of time. 

Check out these 11 desk essentials that will give you the utmost comfort no matter how long you’re at your desk! There are some great products if you have a standing desk too!

Comfortable Footrest

Anyone who spends lots of time at a desk knows how nice it is to have a footrest. Check out this incredibly comfortable footrest!

Memory Foam Armrest

I love using my armrests, but my chair doesn’t have the most comfortable armrests. These are a lifesaver.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Office chairs can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend the money on a new chair, get a comfortable seat cushion!

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Floor mats are essential if you have a standing desk. This product is one of the best!

Keyboard and Mouse Pad Arm/Wrist Rests

If you want to be more comfortable while you type and use your mouse, get a wrist and arm pad! These are essential for me to get through my day.

Clamp-On Retractable & Adjustable Keyboard Tray

This product is another excellent product if you have a standing desk. But if you don’t, this could be a great buy too!

Desk Extender & Armrest

Another great buy for a standing desk.

Backseat Cushion

If you have back pain or are worried about future pain, get a backseat cushion! This product will save your back.

Massage Reclining Office Chair With a Footrest

If you do want to invest in a new chair, this is a great one to purchase. Get free massages through a stressful day or fully recline while working. 

Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

If you want a standing desk, check this one out!

Clip-On Monitor Fan

If you get hot throughout the day, this is a great bladeless fan that saves so much desk space!

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Decor Desk Items

Now for the fun products. I love decorating my space to make it feel like mine. These are some of the cutest and coolest desk essentials that you should consider for your desk.

Cell Phone Stand

If you catch yourself on your phone, consider getting this cute cell phone stand. It’ll keep it out of reach and look cute doing it.

Desk Mirror

Who doesn’t love a cute mirror to liven up a space? This product is an excellent asymmetrical mirror perfect for any desk.

Light-Up Corkboard

Hang up cute pictures and always keep track of your to-do list with this gorgeous light-up corkboard.

Moving Sand Art Picture

This product is the most extraordinary desk art ever. I would get more distracted looking at this than spending time with work. But I don’t care! Look at it!

Astronaut Sculpture Figurine

If you love space, you need this cute astronaut sculpture—the perfect way to make your space yours.

Inspirational Growth Mindset Decor

If you struggle with mental health or get discouraged easily, check out this growth mindset decor.

Motivational Decor

Who doesn’t love some motivational decor to help them through the day? Liven up your desk with this cute decor.

Woodblock Calendar; Day, Month, Year

A calendar is one of the easiest ways to make your space feel more welcoming. Check out this cute woodblock calendar.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker

This product is the coolest Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever seen. The coolest product on this list!

Magnetic Fidget Toys

If you need to fidget with something to focus on your tasks, this is a great fidget toy to try! It’s meant for fidgeting, but it’s also decor! 2-in-1!

Digital Alarm Clock Mirror

This product is the perfect alarm clock to keep you on track with your work and lighten up your desk space.

Warm Light Fairy Tree Lamp

This is the coolest lamp I’ve ever seen. The perfect lighting and design of this lamp would keep me at my desk until 1 AM!

Efficiency Desk Items

If there’s one thing I know as a multi-business owner, it’s that time is money! These 11 items will help you make the most out of your time.

Letter Openers

If you receive lots of mail, you need these letter openers.

Rotating Productivity Timer

Struggle with productivity? This timer will help you stay on track with your daily to-dos.

Under-Desk Treadmill

If you have a standing desk, get a treadmill to keep up with your daily steps. Efficiency at its finest!

Under-Desk Elliptical

Sometimes treadmills are too rough on your joints. If that’s the case for you, get an elliptical instead.

Under-Desk Bike Pedal

I personally prefer biking to running, so this is great for helping me reach my goals.

Balance Disk Wobble Cushion

If you love ab workouts, check out this wobble cushion to strengthen your core throughout your workday.

Thigh Exerciser

Who doesn’t love a mid-work exercise? This tool will help you get your thighs stronger than ever!

Wobble Balance Board

Don’t want the wobble cushion? This balance board is a great alternative if you have a standing desk and want a stronger core and better balance.

Mini Portable Shredder

Don’t get up to shred your papers. Shred them from the comfort of your char with this mini portable shredder!

Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner

I eat snacks throughout the day, but they can be crumby! This mini vacuum cleaner saves the day and my desk.

Pull-Off Weekly Planner

If you love planners and checklists, check out this pull-off weekly planner. There’s no better satisfaction than pulling off the previous week’s list!

Conclusion – Cool Desk Essentials

Whether you work from home or just spend lots of time at your desk, there are so many cool desk essentials that will liven and organize your space. Whether you have a standing or a regular desk, there’s something for everyone.

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