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Are you starting a blog? Congratulations! It’s a unique creative outlet that is a great way to make passive income. Even though blogging is excellent (I may be a bit biased), it can be hard to stay organized. I am also a virtual assistant who worked with many bloggers before I started my own, so I had a head start with my organization setup. So, I thought I’d share some of my top “blogger life” tips with you!

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Use Project Management Software

These tools are so crucial for clarity of mind and actual productivity! There are lots of different project management software that you can use. Here are four great options for bloggers.


My all-time favorite project management software for bloggers is Trello. I can organize my tasks, set goals, braindump, and even share tasks with team members with Trello. All on the free plan as well! I highly recommend using this software if you have a blog.

However, if you need to use more than ten boards, you’ll have to upgrade your plan. They start with $6/month for the standard plan, $12.50/month for the premium plan, and if you have more than 50 users that need to edit, you’ll have to contact the Trello sales team.


If you need to visualize your tasks and see when to have them done, Asana may be a good tool for you. It’s a wonderful software if you have a large team as well! If you have repetitive tasks, you can set up automations. It’s so satisfying to check off a to-do task!

However, if you have lots of ideas, it’s not the best tool for brain dumping. Trello is a better tool for that. Asana is best for many one-time and repetitive tasks.

Asana offers a free plan, a premium plan for $13.49/month, and $30.49/month for the business plan.

If Asana just isn’t working for you, consider trying It’s very similar to Asana but much more visual. So, if you need to track your progress and goals, this is a great platform. also offers a free plan. But if you need more features, they offer a $24/month basic plan, a $30/month standard plan, a $57/month pro plan, and an enterprise plan that you will need to contact the sales team about.


Clickup is the most similar to Asana than any other platform, at least in my opinion. Create lists, workspaces, boards, and goals. They have a free plan, an unlimited plan for $7/month/user, and a business plan for $12/month/user.

blogger life, blogging tips, tips for bloggers, tips for blogging, blogging organization

Organize Your Time & Schedule

Time efficiency is your best friend during your blogger life! Finding the right time management strategies can be challenging, but there are some great ones that I have personally used and helped my clients attain.

ABC Priority List

Using this strategy is my go-to as a multi-business owner. I use Trello for this, too! I created four lists. In the first list, I added all the tasks I needed to complete that day. This list is the top priority “A” checklist. In the “B” list, I add everything that needs to be done that week. In the “C” list, I add everything that needs to be done within the month.

Then, in the fourth list, I add my goals. This strategy helps me keep focused and limit burnout. Plus, the satisfaction of checking off a task makes it worth it!

This time management strategy is so helpful for braindumps. I can free up space in my brain and visually see my tasks. As a virtual assistant, I’ve practiced a lot of time management strategies, but this is by far my favorite!


The time-block method is another excellent option if measuring time is difficult. Use a tool like Google Calendar to block out time for your tasks throughout the day. Doing this will limit distractions and keep you moving throughout the day.

I tried this method, and it personally didn’t work for me. It was a lot of work to adjust my schedule if my tasks took longer than expected. But I’m so glad I tried it! It really helped me prep for the week ahead.

So, if you have trouble staying focused on tasks or forgetting about appointments, I highly suggest trying the time-block method.

blogger life, blogging tips, tips for bloggers, tips for blogging, blogging organization

Set SMART Goals

A great tip for your blogger life is to set goals. But, if you set them too high or unrealistic, you can get burnout. So, a fantastic way to set realistic goals is to set SMART goals.

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. So, some SMART goals for bloggers could be:

  • In six months, I will increase my monthly blog traffic by 20% by implementing SEO and optimizing my social media
  • In three months, I will get 500 new subscribers by creating great lead magnets and website opt-in forms
  • In one year, I will earn $1,000/month from affiliate marketing and ads


I’ve also added these to my Trello boards. They are so helpful and have gotten me through burnout!

Do One Thing Every Day

Some of the best advice I received and helped me as a blogger is to do one thing daily. There was a time when I decided to take a week break from blogging, and then three months passed, and I still was on a break! I was burnt out and exhausted.

So, I asked for help from some fellow blogging friends. One told me, “Just do one thing every day. It can be something small, but just do something!” So, when I’m just not energetic about blogging one day, I’ll do 10 minutes of keyword research. Or craft up some newsletters. Or just outline a blog.

When you run into writer’s block, or you’re burnt out (which will happen), just do something small for a little bit. But do something!

Hire a Virtual Assistant

One of the best things I ever did was hire a virtual assistant to help me. I was able to get tasks done at twice the speed! Some blogging tasks that you can give a VA are:

  • Email marketing help (writing your email, designing, getting links)
  • Creating landing pages (integrating, designing, writing)
  • Creating a lead magnet (PDF, ebook, Excel sheet)
  • Writing blog posts
  • Outlining blog posts
  • Creating social media content
  • Engaging on social media
  • Finding affiliate products and links
  • Sourcing images for your blogs
  • And more!


Basically, anything that you don’t want to do or don’t have time for, you can outsource to a VA. Some VA rates can be expensive, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$50+/hour for a professional VA. 

If you need help, you can email me at You can also fill out this form with The Virtual Savvy, and they’ll connect you to a great VA that fits your budget and has the skillset you need for your projects. 

Conclusion – Blogger Life Tips

The blogger life can feel isolating and overwhelming, but there are so many resources and strategies to help you. Use project management software, try some time management strategies, use SMART goals to set realistic objectives, do one thing every day, and hire help if you need it!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

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