10 Email Marketing Jobs To Try!

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Looking to try out a new side hustle but don’t know where to start? Becoming a freelance email marketer can be a successful and lucrative way to make great money on the side. Check out these ten different email marketing jobs to consider if you want to start a side hustle! Yes, experience is always great, but it’s not necessary.

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How to Get Email Marketing Jobs

Offering your services as a freelance email marketer is excellent, but it can be stressful if you’re not confident in getting clients. Getting clients as an email marketer is much like other freelance positions like virtual assisting and social media management.

Find clients in your local area by joining local Facebook groups and attending your Chamber of Commerce networking events. Reach out to potential clients on LinkedIn and apply to positions on Upwork.

Getting clients can be done, even if you don’t have experience. So don’t let that stop you from making money from home.

Email Marketing Assistant

If you don’t have any experience with email marketing, offering your services as an email marketing assistant is something to consider when starting. You can get your foot in the door, learn the ins and outs of email marketing, and make a good income, making this one of the best email marketing jobs!

As a marketing assistant, you may help your client with:

  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • List segmentation
  • And scheduling campaigns


However, this depends on your client and what they need help with! As an email marketing assistant, you can be considered a type of virtual assistant specializing in email marketing.

Email Marketing Coordinator

An email marketing coordinator may need a bit of hands-on experience before you offer this service to clients. However, it’s still a fantastic email marketing job to consider when you want to start a side hustle.

As an email marketing coordinator, you may help your clients with:

  • Coordinate and execute email campaigns
  • Communicate with a marketing team or business owner for execution purposes
  • Ensure emails are delivered on time
  • Confirm with the business owner and/or the marketing team that the email matches expectations
  • Keep track of KPIs


This may look different from client to client, but this is a reasonable basis for what you would do as an email marketing coordinator. However, because this is more hands-on, it’s recommended that you have some background or have taken a course on email marketing. You can always create your own email list to practice for yourself!

Email Marketing Analyst

If you don’t like or have experience with hands-on email marketing, consider becoming an email marketing analyst. As an email marketing analyst, you may help your clients with different tasks, depending on their needs and industry, but here are some fundamental projects you may be assigned:

  • Create a system to organize KPIs
  • Identify trends with data
  • Make recommendations for improvements
  • Create and present reports


This is a great email marketing job that doesn’t require as much strategy and background as some others that are listed.

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Email Copywriter

As an email copywriter, you will help your client create content that entices their audience to take action. This could be to buy a new product, showcase an old one, or even show off your client. Just like the previous job descriptions, this depends on the client, industry, and circumstance.

Most email copywriters have experience and are great at compiling content that doesn’t leave their audience second-guessing while checking out. But you can still practice on your own content and email list! I highly recommend that you either have experience or practice with your subscribers or even a friend’s list before you offer this service.

If you’re great at your job, you can make $50+/hour as an email copywriter. Because you’re only focusing on the words of the email content, this makes it one of the best email marketing jobs out there!

Email Marketing Designer

If you love designing, consider becoming an email marketing designer for your next email marketing job. As an email marketing designer, you may help your client with the following:

  • Create branded email templates
  • Create branded email content
  • Include any HTML code for email content
  • Ensure there are no malfunctions with the email content


This is a great job to offer clients who already have a team or aren’t very tech-savvy. If you love designing or would love to learn about designing email campaigns, this is a great email marketing job for you.

Email Marketing Automation Specialist

With email campaigns, many automation tasks need to be set up to optimize email campaigns and sales. However, this can take a lot of time, so this is often an outsourced task. As an email marketing automation specialist, expect to help your client with the following:

  • Creating a welcome series
  • Creating and optimizing a drip funnel
  • Creating and optimizing an evergreen funnel
  • Nurturing leads to enhance customer experience
  • Proactively finding new ways to better automation set-up


Offering your services as an email marketing automation specialist is an excellent job if you don’t have experience with email marketing. If you’re tech-savvy and can learn fast, then this is perfect for you!

Email Marketing Respondent

As an email marketing respondent, you will respond to messages from customers or within the team that have to do with improving the marketing campaigns. Because this role doesn’t consist of in-depth knowledge of marketing and more of project management and customer service, this makes the position one of the best email marketing jobs for those without experience!

Be the communicator and liaison for your client so they can focus on what they need to do to grow their business. Choose your own rates and work schedule as well!

email marketing jobs, best email marketing jobs, email marketing jobs for freelancers, email marketing jobs 2023

Email Marketing Researcher

As an email marketing researcher, your goal is to research and stay up to date with all things email marketing and the industry your client is involved in. You will be their eyes and ears for all industry changes and ensure everything is optimized for customer success.

This can be a time-consuming and exhausting task for business owners, so this can be outsourced to either a general virtual assistant or a specialist in market research like an email marketing researcher like you!

E-commerce Email Marketing Specialist

If you want to specialize in one thing and become an expert, consider becoming an e-commerce email marketing specialist. This is one of the best email marketing jobs because you can offer this as a high-ticket service. Not many email marketers specialize in e-commerce, so that you can offer your services at an even higher rate of $60+/hour!

As an e-commerce email marketing specialist, you will utilize email strategies specifically for e-commerce businesses. This could be strategizing and optimizing abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and customer retention campaigns. 

Email Growth Manager

An email growth manager’s primary responsibility is to create and optimizie strategies to grow your client’s email list. You may create lead magnets, manage paid campaigns, organically engage with your client’s target audience, and possibly recommend other monetizing possibilities for your client.

Depending on the industry you’re working in, some business owners’ primary income is through email marketing, so nurturing and growing the list is crucial for the business’s success. Ensuring the list is optimized and healthy is essential to being great at your job.

Email Marketing Jobs – Conclusion

There are many email marketing jobs that anyone can try with and without experience. Work on your own schedule, with who you want, when you want, and set your own rates! If you need some more side hustle ideas, download this free list of 113 side hustle ideas with potential income and links for you to sign up today.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at hello@strivehustles.com

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